Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kirknewton Northumberland

Kirknewton, Northumberland.

Kirknewton is a small village of only 100 people or so, 6 miles (10km) from Wooler in Northumberland and a similar distance to the Scottish borders.
The parish has one of the smallest populations in the United Kingdom but covers one of the largest geographical areas.
Parts of the St Gregory the Great church in the village date back to Norman times, and there are some remains of ancient hillforts in the area.
Nearby is the historic Yeavering Bell.    
The surrounding area is mainly dedicated to agriculture and tourism.
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Northumbrian Images BlogspotNorthumbrian Images Blogspot

Northumbrian Images BlogspotNorthumbrian Images Blogspot

Kirknewton NorthumberlandKirknewton Northumberland

Northumbrian Images BlogspotNorthumbrian Images Blogspot

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