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St Cuthbert's Church Norham Northumberland

St Cuthbert's Church Norham, Northumberland.

Norham is where St Aidan crossed the Tweed on his way from Iona to establishing his monastery at Lindisfarne, the Holy Island in 635.
The first stone church was built at Norham in A.D 830 although the present church dates from 1165, the same time as Norham Castle.
The coffin of St Cuthbert was brought here from Lindisfarne in 875 when Danish invaders threatened the monastery, finally after being moved many times,  Cuthbert was buried at Durham and the cathedral was built in his honour there. 
In 1292 John Balliol paid homage to King Edward 1 of England here on behalf of the Kingdom of Scotland and in 1320 Robert the Bruce occupied the church while besieging Norham Castle. 
Historic St Cuthbert's has been an important place of worship for 800 years and many generations over that time have cared for this church.
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