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Twizell Castle and Medieval Bridge Northumberland

Twizell Castle and Medieval Bridge, Northumberland.

Twizell Castle is a grade two listed building and scheduled ancient monument which stands on a bend of the river Till dating to 1415. A medieval tower house which once stood on the site was destroyed by an invading Scottish army in 1496 . King James 1V of Scotland held a parliament at "Twesil" at the site in 1513 on his way to besieging Norham Castle. From about 1770 it was intended that the castle would be reconstructed as a Gothic mansion, but this work was never completed. Much of the castle material was used in the building of a new mansion at nearby Tillmouth Park.
The property is in a poor state and is officially classed by English Heritage as being at risk.

Twizell Medieval  Bridge was built in 1511 two years before the battle of Flodden and it is believed both the English and Scottish armies would have used the bridge, the Scots on their way to Norham several days before the fight and the English on the morning of the bloody battle.
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Twizell Castle

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Twizell Bridge & the River Till.

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