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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lifeboat Day North Shields 2016

Lifeboat Day North Shields 2016.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a charity based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, it is the only organisation which is allowed to have Royal in the title in the Republic of Ireland. It operates around the coast of the UK and Ireland as well as some inland waterways and there are 237 lifeboat stations with 444 lifeboats.
The RNLI was founded in 1824 and has saved over 140,000 lives while suffering losses of 600 volunteer crew members.
The Tynemouth RNLI has an open day once a year and these photos were taken on the 17th of July 2016 including shots of the "Spirit of Northumberland" lifeboat.
One of the world's oldest lifeboats, the Tyne, has been restored and is now on display at South Shields.
Please click on each image for the full size photo. 

Spirit of Northumberland lifeboatRoyal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

Tynemouth RNLITynemouth RNLI

Tynemouth RNLITynemouth RNLI

Tynemouth RNLISpirit of Northumberland

Tynemouth RNLISpirit of Northumberland lifeboat

Spirit of Northumberland" lifeboatSpirit of Northumberland lifeboat

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Northern League

The Northern League.

The Northern League, based in the North East of England, Yorkshire and Cumbria is the second oldest football league in the world.
The league is semi-professional and is run mainly by volunteers.
The clubs are part of the local communities and many run various teams from children's sides up to the first team squads. 
Here area few photos of Tyneside based clubs.
Some earlier pictures of North Shields winning the FA Vase in 2015.
Please click on each image for the full size photo.

North Shields FC The Daren Persson Stadium.
The Northern League

 Northumbrian Images PlusNorthumbrian Images Blogspot

The Northern LeagueNorthumbrian Images Blogspot

West Allotment Celtic, Whitley Park Longbenton.
West Allotment Celtic

Heaton Stannington, Grounsell Park, High Heaton
Heaton Stannington

Heaton Stannington

Heaton Stannington

Newcastle Benfield, Sam Smiths Park, Newcastle. 
Newcastle Benfield FC

Newcastle Benfield


Saturday, May 23, 2015

North Shields FC Victory Parade 2015

North Shields FC Victory Parade, 2015.

North Shields FC won the FA Vase Trophy at Wembley stadium, to celebrate this achievement North Tyneside council allowed the club to have an open top bus parade around the town on 22/05/2015.
North Shields were formed as North Shields Athletic in 1896, they initially played at Appleby Park which was one of the best football grounds in the the North East with a capacity at one point of over 12,000. One of their greatest moments was winning the FA Amateur Cup in 1969.
North Shields are the only team to have won the FA Vase and the FA Amateur Cup.
The official club motto is "Messis ab Altis" or "Harvest from the Deep", a reflection of the history of coal mining and fishing in the town.    
In recent years the club have been saved from a difficult period where they lost Appleby Park and had to move around various grounds in North Tyneside before moving to the Darren Persson stadium @Ralph Gardner  Park, North Shields which the club are currently modernising.
Please click on each image for the full size photo.

North Shields FCNorthumbrian Images Blogspot

Curva Nord North Shields Ultras

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Royal Quays Marina North Shields

Royal Quays Marina, North Shields.

The Royal Quays Marina is based near the mouth of the Tyne at North Shields. The marina is used by yachts from the UK and Europe.
It is adjacent to the Northumbrian Quay which is used by British and foreign warships, offshore working vessels and is a regularly visited by cruise ships.
The marina is next to the DFDS North Sea ferry terminal and is a short walk from the North Shields fish quay. 
The marina is based on the old Albert Edward dock, an industrial dock which closed in the late 1960's and the area lay derelict until it was converted to the current marina in the 1980's.
Please click on each image for the full size photo.

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Boats on the Tyne