Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Exhibition Park Newcastle

Exhibition Park, Newcastle.

In 1870 it was decided that part of Newcastles' Town Moor was to be used as a recreation area for the people of the city.
There was a Royal Jubilee Exhibition in 1887 which attracted 2 million visitors and this is where the name of the park came from. A remaining feature of the park which has survived to this day is the bandstand.
In 1934 a science museum was created in the park's pavilion known as the " The Palace of Arts" which closed in 1983 and the contents, including the famous and historic Turbinia ship were moved to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.
Freddie Shepherd of Shepherd Offshore Ltd bought the Palace of Arts and has renovated it.
Wylam Brewery started production here in May 2016.
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