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Four statues Northumberland Street Newcastle

Four statues, Northumberland Street, Newcastle.

Northumberland Street is one of the main shopping areas in Newcastle.
The four statues of historical figures look down on the shoppers, barely noticed by most people.
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Harry Hotspur (1366 - 1403)  His real name was Sir Henry Percy although Harry Hotspur was usually used due to his bravery in battle, particularly against the Scots and the French.
Died during fighting in a rebellion against Henry 1V.   

Four statues, Northumberland Street, Newcastle
Roger Thornton, died 1429, rose from a poor background to become Newcastle's mayor on three occasions as well as an MP. Made his fortune as a merchant.      

Four statues, Northumberland Street, Newcastle
Sir John Marley (1590 - 1673)  Royalist Mayor of Newcastle who defended the city against an invading Scottish army in 1644. Remained as Mayor after the English Civil War.

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Thomas Bewick (1755 - 1828)  World renowned wood engraver, ornithologist and artist who spent much of his time in Newcastle and Northumberland.  

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