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Monday, July 13, 2015

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey. 

The Anglo-Saxon era King of Northumbria, Oswy (Oswiu) founded Whitby’s first monastry as Streoneshalh (the older name for Whitby) in 657 AD. Lady Hilda, abbess of Hartlepool Abbey and grand-niece of Edwin the first Christian king of Northumbria, was the founding abbess. The name Streoneshalh is thought to mean Fort Bay or Tower Bay.
 In 664 King Oswiu ruled at the Synod of Whitby that  the Northumbrian church would adopt the Roman calculation of Easter and monastic tonsure.
The monastry was laid waste by Danish raids in 867 and 870. Hwitebi means the “white settlement” in old Norse.
A second monastry was founded until the dissolution of the monastries by King Henry the Eighth  in 1540.
A lot of damage was done when the Abbey was shelled in December 1914 by German warships during the first world war.
The Abbey was made famous in the 1897 novel Dracula by Bram Stoker and the town is visited regularly by Goths today.  

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Whitby North Yorkshire

Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Whitby is a seaside town  and a parish of the Borough of Scarborough,North Yorkshire. Prior to the 1960s, it was part of the North Riding of Yorkshire. The town is situated on the east coast of Yorkshire at the mouth of the River Esk. Whitby’s economy is based on maritime industries, minerals and tourisim . Its East Cliff is home to the ruins of Whitby Abbey. The fishing port developed during the Middle Ages, supporting important herring and whaling fleets and was where Captain Cook learned seamanship.
Tourism started in Whitby during the Georgian period and developed further on the arrival of the railway in 1839.The town has connections  with the horror novel Dracula. Jet and alum were mined locally. Whitby Jet, which was mined by the Romans and Victorians, became fashionable during the 19th century.
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Whitby North Yorkshire