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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tyne Piers

Tyne Piers.

The building of the two piers at the mouth of the Tyne took place over a period of many years, delayed due to setbacks created by damage done by the ferocity of the North Sea.
Prior to the building of the piers maritime disasters around the mouth of the Tyne were commonplace, particularly at the nearby black midden rocks. 
The north pier was finally completed to help protect the North Shields fishing fleet in 1909 even though the foundation was put in place 1854. 
The Tynemouth north pier lighthouse is 26 metres high and has a white navigation light which can be seen 26 miles away, the South Shields south pier lighthouse is 15 metres high and can be seen up to 13 miles away.
The north pier is 899 metres long and the south pier 1,570 metres in length. 
The distance between the piers is 360 metres.
Please click on each image for the full size photo. 

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